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A.B. Chandler Elementary

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Family Resource Center

Mackenzie Windhaus, Family Resource Center Director
The goal of the Family Resource Center (FRC) is to meet the needs of all children and their families who reside in the Chandler Elementary school district.
The FRC:
-Assists families in enhancing the parenting skills that can promote the full educational development of children
-Promotes the healthy growth & development of children by assisting families to identify and address any home or community barriers to a child’s success in school
-Ensures that families have access to and are connected with appropriate community resources
-Encourages social support linkages & networks among families, thereby reducing isolation and promoting family involvement in school activities
-Generates optimal parental & family involvement by offering learning and service opportunities that will enable parents and other family members to participate in center and community activities as providers, participants, and volunteers. 
The following services are provided by the Family Resource Center:


-Back to School Readifest
-Back to school clothing/referrals
-Meeting a child’s basic needs
-Backpack Club
-Home Visits
-Family Programs
-Red Ribbon Week
-Counseling Referrals
-Health & Social Service Referrals
-Holiday Assistance
-Collaboration with all local agencies
-Advocate for families and children
-Parent night activities
-Medication Assistance
-Dental Assistance & School Smiles
-Volunteer Training


If you are in need of any services that are provided by the Family Resource Center, please call Mackenzie Windhaus @ 270-831-5139 or 270-533-9070.